Vancouver - Salt Spring - Victoria - Port Angeles

We've made it to Port Angeles! We decided to make this our first US stop as it's a straight shot across the Juan De Fuca Strait and the most convenient spot to seamlessly go through customs and obtain our US cruising permit. It felt pretty  neat to go through customs for the first time on our own boat. That novelty will wear off pretty soon I'm sure, but for now it's a fun first for TED. 


After our marathon of boat prep both Ed and I are beat. The energy and mindset necessary to log the ~700 nautical miles between us and San Francisco doesn't exist right now. So instead we're being lazy, drinking wine, sleeping in and crossing things off the boat prep checklist we didn't quite get done before leaving Vancouver.


If you've never been to Port Angeles and you're not bringing your boat into the US from BC I'm not going to recommend it. It's industrial meets hipster. The one saving grace is that it's incredibly dog friendly. Dog patios everywhere and pretty much every single coffee shop and restaurant and clothing store you enter has dog treats available. 


From here we plan on sailing North-West to Neah Bay where we'll anchor and wait for suitable winds for the first offshore leg of our journey - Neah Bay to San Francisco. Stay tuned!

TandEd SetsSail