We F*ckin Did It!

OMG FML WTF We fuckin' did it! After five long months of 12 + hour boat work days Tioga is finally ready for her year long blue water transpac voyage. * We prepped our little asses off for this trip. Some may say "over prepared" but I know I'll be thankful when we're in the middle of the South Pacific and the head needs to be re-plumbed and we have all the spare parts and tools necessary to shit with dignity once again.


Armed with the excitement and enthusiasm only natural for a pair of star crossed lovers destined for adventure we left Vancouver in the most suitable of fashions - with a going away/bottle ends party that lasted an entire weekend, and a send off squad to help us cast off the dock lines. 


Peace out Vancouver!

* To be clear the 12 + hour boat work days were logged by Ed. My capacity for boat work experiences severe diminishing returns after the 6th hour.

TandEd SetsSail